Palackého třída 163
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Reg. No.: 284 33 092
VAT ID: CZ 28433092
fax: +420 541 426 323

hot line: 800 112 988


Terms of business

    1. These General Terms of Business for the sales of goods and services of HENRY SCHEIN Ltd (hereinafter only as “Terms“) govern contractual relations and all other relations, in which framework the Terms were referred to, between HENRY SCHEIN Ltd, with the following company address: Palackého třída 163, 612 00 Brno; Company Registration Number: 28433092; Tax Registration Number: CZ28433092; Register of Companies: HENRY SCHEIN Ltd is registered in the Register of Companies kept by the Regional Court in Brno, Division C, Entry 61588 (hereinafter only as “Supplier“) and natural or legal persons, who are in a contractual or civil or similar relationship with the Supplier in the position of a buyer, purchaser of goods, products or services, debtor or a person executing the acts towards a contractual or civil relation with the Supplier (further as „Customer“).
    2. The Terms become a part of every contract concluded between the Supplier and the Customer and they determine a part of its content if the contract is not set differently
    1. The Terms of delivery are valid and effective for all contractual relationships and all relationships, in which framework they were referred to, between the Supplier and the Customer no matter the type of goods, services, products supplied (further as “products” or “goods”) by the Supplier to the Customer as a part of the relevant relationship. The Supplier supplies products according to the items in the catalogue of the Supplier, which contains an offer and price of products (hereinafter the “Catalogue”), which is sent to the Customers of the Supplier, as well as other products from the e-shop at website. Information published in the catalogue is not binding, the up-to-date information of the manufacturer of the relevant product apply. Products, which are not manufactured or supplied any more, will be supplied by the Supplier until they remain on stock.
  3. ORDER
    1. Order represents a sufficiently certain demonstration of the will of the Customer to purchase a product of the Supplier, which is manifested by the Customer in any form, especially by phone, e-mail, electronically or in writing. The order of the Customer is binding. The Supplier is not obliged to accept the order. The Supplier can accept the order in the same way as it was placed.
    2. Confirmation (acceptance) of an order is a manifestation of the will of the Supplier to be bound by the order. The individual contract (contract of sale, delivery of products or any other similar contract) is concluded by the delivery of a confirmation of the order by the Supplier to the Customer.
    1. All prices are valid at the time of publishing of the Catalogue. Prices are in CZK with VAT rates valid when the Catalogue was published. The Supplier reserves the right to indicate printing errors, price changes or VAT rate changes. When a new Catalogue and/or price list is published on the aforementioned website of the Supplier, all previous Catalogues, price lists or offers become invalid and come out of force. The Supplier informs the Customer about the changes in pricing during the period of validity of the Catalogue usually before the delivery of goods or on the invoice at the latest. The Customer is allowed to cancel the contract due to a change in pricing, the cancellation however has to be done up to three days at the maximum from the day when he found out about the change in pricing, otherwise the right to cancel the contract is void. Prices do not include delivery or packaging fees.
    2. If a single order above CZK 3,000 without VAT is placed, the Supplier does not charge delivery or packaging fees. With a lower volume of order the Supplier is authorised to charge a handling fee in the maximum amount of CZK 150.-.
    1. If not mentioned below otherwise, the Supplier provides a warranty set by law on delivered goods. The warranty does not cover manufacturing or other defects, which were inflicted by unprofessional or inconsiderate handling, by the use of the goods contrary to their purpose or manual, by a mechanical damage caused by the buyer or by wear, natural disaster (e.g. stroke of lightning or other atmospheric discharges), by fire or water or by the impact of other unusual phenomena like for example overvoltage of the distribution or telephone grid, or if the law determines so. Goods, which have a material or manufacturing defect during the warranty period will be replaced by the Supplier for goods without damage.
    2. The Customer is obliged to report any manufacturing or material defects of the delivered goods to the Supplier right after the delivery or immediately after the Customer found out or could find out about the defect. In case of delivery of an obviously damaged shipment the Customer has the right not to accept it. In this case a protocol is completed straight away with the carrier or the person delivering the goods. In case the Customer finds out later, however three days after the delivery of the shipment at the latest, the Customer informs the complaint department of the Supplier. If the Customer does not report obvious defects of goods or an error in the quantity of goods during the period of time mentioned in this paragraph, it is understood that the goods were delivered without apparent defects and in the quantity agreed in the contract.
    3. In case the attempt to rectify the situation or to dispatch a new shipment fails, the Customer can choose between a price reduction or cancellation of the contract. The Customer is further bound by his choice and is not authorised to change it without the approval of the Supplier.
    4. In case used goods are further resold (or bought), the Supplier does not provide any warranty on this goods.
    1. The Customer has the right to return purchased goods up to 10 days after the delivery. After the expiry of the period pursuant to the preceding sentence the claim of the Customer to the return of goods ceases to exist. The condition for the return of goods is that the goods are not used, in their original package without any notes or stickers or any subsequent changes to the goods including the package. Otherwise the Customer is not entitled to return the goods. The Customer also provides the reason for the return of the goods and attaches a complaint protocol with any additional important information.
    2. In case the returned goods require a specific shipping temperature – the thermo-labile goods – the Customer is obliged to ensure constant conditions of temperature necessary for the relevant type of goods, visibly label such a shipment before the delivery of the goods for return, state such an information into the complaint protocol and inform the carrier about the necessity of transport of such goods in constant conditions of temperature. The Supplier is authorised not to accept the returned goods in case of default in any of the conditions mentioned above by the Customer. The Customer is then obliged to pay the full purchase price to the Supplier.
    1. The Customer is obliged to pay the purchase price including VAT for delivered goods and services duly and on time.
    2. The payment for ordered goods or services is executed in cash according to the relevant legal regulations about the limitations of payment in cash or by bank transfer based on the invoice. In case of payment by bank transfer, the day of payment is the day when the relevant full sum of money was credited to the account of the Supplier.
    3. If the parties do not agree otherwise, the due date of invoices is set 15 days after they were issued.
    4. In case the Customer does not pay due purchase price or any part of it or any other payments related to the contract, in which these Terms are included, duly and on time, the Supplier is not obliged to meet his obligations pursuant to the respective contract and/or any other contract concluded with the Customer in which these Terms are included, the Supplier is entitled to discontinue the fulfilment of the contractual provisions. In this case the Supplier is not behind with the delivery of goods and/or services or any other obligations resulting from the respective contract.
    1. If the Supplier provides goods with software, the Customer and staff authorised by the Customer are given unlimited, not exclusive and non-transferable rights to use the software in an unchanged form and for purposes described in the manual with goods with which it was delivered.
    2. The software and relevant documents cannot be handed over to a third party – except for staff authorised by the Customer. The Customer cannot copy, change, translate or delete parts of the software or modify it in any other way. The Customer is also obliged to ensure compliance by the staff authorised by the Customer, otherwise he is fully responsible for any damage.
    3. The fee for the use of the software supplied with goods is a part of the selling price if not agreed otherwise. Increased performance of goods supplied to the customer by upgrading the software is available for a fee.
    1. The Supplier is not responsible for delays or the delivery of the shipment due to force majeure.
    2. The Supplier is in such cases obliged to immediately inform the Customer and has the right either to extend the delivery time or to cancel the contract. In such case, the Customer is not authorised to ask the Supplier for a compensation for the failure to fulfil the order.
    1. The Customer acquires proprietary right to goods as soon as the delivered goods are handed over to him. The duty of the Customer is to sign a delivery note or any other handover document confirming the handover of goods (hereinafter “delivery note”) in person or through an authorised statutory representative (in case the Customer is a legal person) or through an authorised employee or through any other authorised person namely including a legible indication of the name of the person taking over the goods and his function. By signing the delivery note by the Customer or a person authorised by him it is understood that the goods were delivered in accord with the order, the goods were free of visible defects at the time of delivery and they were delivered in the ordered quantity.
    2. A rejection of signing the delivery note without serious reasons (which include only a delivery of different goods contrary to the order or the delivery of goods with visible defects) or by failure to execute the obligation by the Customer has the same consequences as if the delivery note was signed by the Customer at the moment when this fact is marked on the delivery note by the person, who handed over the goods to the Customer or the Supplier. In case the goods are delivered in a lower quantity than ordered, the Customer accepts the delivered this way, signs the delivery note and marks the fact on it. The Supplier subsequently delivers the undelivered goods to the Customer according to his operational possibilities and without unnecessary delay.
    3. If the goods are taken over on behalf of the Customer by different person than the Customer personally or the authorised statutory representative (in case the Customer is a legal person), if it happens at the agreed time and place of delivery of goods and the person presents himself to the person handing the goods over as the person authorised to take the goods over on behalf of the Customer, the Supplier bona fide believes that such a person is always authorised to take the goods over on behalf of the Customer and his action binds the Customer.
    4. The liability for damage to goods is transferred to the Customer at the moment when the goods are delivered, or if he does not take the goods over in time, when the Supplier makes it possible to handle the goods and the Customer violates the contract by not taking the goods over. In cases when the Customer has to take the goods over from a different person than the Supplier or when the Supplier is obliged to hand the goods over to the carrier at a specified place for the delivery to the Customer or the contract includes the duty of the Supplier to dispatch the goods, however the Supplier is not obliged to hand the goods over to the carrier at a specified place, the liability for damage to goods is transferred to the Customer in accord with Art. 456, Art. 457 of Act No. 513/1991 Coll. (Commercial Code) as amended.
    5. Individual agreements, which are not in accord with the Terms, have to be concluded in written form.
    6. In case that a part of the Terms is or becomes null and void, ineffective or unenforceable, the validity, effectiveness or enforceability of other parts of the Terms would not become violated. An ineffective provision is replaced by a provision, which is valid, effective and enforceable and which maintains the economic purpose of the provision, which is null and void, ineffective or unenforceable to the maximum possible extent.
    7. All relations between the Supplier and the Customer, which are not governed by these Terms and/or a respective contract between the Supplier and Customer, are governed by the respective provisions of Act No. 513/1991 Coll. (Commercial Code) as amended.
    1. A reprint of the Catalogue and its extracts including these Terms is not allowed without the authorisation of the Supplier. Mistakes, changes and print errors are reserved.
    2. The delivery of any written legal act from the Supplier to the Customer has the same effects as a rejection of the Customer to accept the legal act. In case that the written motion will not be accepted by the Customer, the expiry of the period of five days after the motion is sent to the customer is considered as the day the written motion was delivered in case it was dispatched by registered mail.
    3. The Customer is not authorised to unilaterally acknowledge claims and/or any other contractual claims, in which these Terms are referred to, towards the Supplier. He is equally not authorised to assign such claims to a third party or to execute a lien on any background legal documents or any objects handed over or entrusted to him by the Supplier.

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