Palackého třída 163
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Reg. No.: 284 33 092
VAT ID: CZ 28433092
fax: +420 541 426 323

hot line: 800 112 988


Wholesale distribution


HENRY SCHEIN is a modern and constantly developing company, which is currently employing 152 employees, of which 28 have a university degree. Its integrated information system, use of internet technologies, flexible planning of purchase of goods and advanced system of customers relations management aim at improving the quality of provided services as well as improving relations with clients and other business partners. A modern warehouse, which was designed specially for this purpose, is being used for storage of pharmaceuticals. On 4,750 sqm of the built-up area, there is a part of the building used for storage of pharmaceuticals and a directly connected complex of administrative buildings, which allows a flexible solution of needs ensuing from the logistics of goods receipt and release.

The warehouse is equipped with the latest technologies in order to comply with the strictest criteria for storage of biologically active substances. It has at its disposal a section for the placement of bulky goods on palettes; further it contains shelf stands for less bulky objects as well as of four rooms for storing the thermo-labile pharmaceuticals. All the mentioned premises together represent the area of almost 19 000 of warehouse spaces for the storage of approximately 18 000 warehouse items with a different position of individual batches. The whole system of the goods reception, stocking-in, reception of orders, stocking-out, production of relevant documents and goods expedition is being done by an information system, which was developed by the company itself. Similarly to the whole system of stocking, this system is dynamic and is being modified on the basis of requests continuously arising along its development. Its use imposes high requirements on the proficiency of all our employees.

velkodistribuce-prahaA modern warehouse in Prague with 570 pallet spaces on 1088 sqm is being used for the storage of a wide range of pet food and as a part of the logistic chain of the journey of goods from the distributor to the client. With respect to the dynamic growth of our company, the warehouse space was increased in June 2012 by another 2,600 sqm, which increases the warehouse capacity by another 3 500 pallet spaces.

In order to assure a proper functional operation of the whole business process, the total number of more than 118 desktops is being used. The Department of Purchase, Acceptance of Orders, Accounting Department, offices of the Information Technologies division and the Company Management are in the administrative part. However, no less important are the other premises as e.g. the server room, which requires a proper regime of temperature and humidity maintenance, or the backup power supply.

velkodistribuce-kurimIn order to assure a smooth cooperation with more than 500 suppliers and smooth supplying to all the clients all over the Czech Republic within 24 hours after the reception of their orders during working days, 38 vehicles of an external company are being used. During all manipulation with pharmaceuticals, the principles of a proper distribution practice according to valid laws are being followed. The average time of processing, preparation, control, packaging and preparation for transport of an order does not exceed 30 minutes. Approximately 875 deliveries are being dispatched every day.


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